A new way
of living the bijou

Beyond the fashion object.

Who Own a Creation Susyo does not only possess a beautiful artisan object but is wrapped up by the positive energy with which this object has been "loaded" through the Mandala and the Chakra of its unique design.

Each Susyo item is designed and crafted accurately by hand. Each Mandala is a unique and original design designed specifically for every single item. Porcelain is a particular type of ceramics produced for the first time by the China and through the eastern trade routes that came to us. Initially called "white gold", was considered a very valuable material. The bijoux are unique items made in porcelain, entirely hand-molded with Llimoges dough, decorated with the "third fire" technique, which is obtained by applying the colors on the glassy object and therefore subjected to two previous cooking, the first "biscuit" at about 1250 ° and the second, "glazing". Finally they are hand painted with gold or zinc plated or platinum finish. Each bijoux is entirely handmade, from the creation of porcelain, to the decoration and to the final assembly. A true craftsmanship of a high standard and entirely made in Italy. The Mandala is an image depicting the scheme of existence, it represents the sacred symbolism of the universe, the cosmic wholeness that surrounds us, and our relationship with infinity. The Sanskrit mandala meaning means center, circle. It is born of the human soul and has existed for ever, appears in every culture and its creation has always been used for sacred and religious rituals. The energy present in each Mandala helps to get in touch with ourselves, favoring meditation, observing focusing on the design and letting it drag from the harmony created by forms, reaches a state of mental relaxation that opens the door to creativity.

The union between beauty and energy, creativity and artisan wisdom makes Susyo unique creations as each object brings with it a positive message and transmits to those who wear it a new strength and ability to face life with the right answers. Who Own a Creation Susyo does not only possess a beautiful artisan object but is wrapped up by the positive energy with which this object has been "loaded" through the Mandala and the Chakra of its unique design.

All this gives Susyo creations something that reaches and exceeds the simple canon of the fashion object, to bring them to a new level where fashion and energy come together and make the wearer stronger and more attractive. Susyo creates a new way of thinking about the gift and a new way of wearing a precious item.

Heart, Soul, Passion.

seven Chakra

sushi sette chakra

The term Chakra in Sanskrit means center, wheel, vortex, are energy centers present in every person and are receptors and transformers of universal energy. Living beings, more or less conscious, acquire or disperse energy through these centers. The main chakras are seven and are positioned along the spine, at the main glands of the endocrine system. The good functioning of the energy system is equivalent to a state of good health and consequently their harmonic connection creates a perfect balance and an optimal communication between the physical body and the energetic body. Each Chakra is associated with a color corresponding to and is derived from the frequency and vibration of the Chakra itself. Color is in fact an electromagnetic wave and produces a modification on the energetic body where emotions are found, represented by other electromagnetic frequencies. Each Chakra corresponds to a natural element.


It is on the top of the head, it is pure awareness, center of transcendence, thought and understanding. Its element is thought and contains the power of the mind, intellect, and governs the system of beliefs. It connects us with universal intelligence is the antenna that connects us with time and space, allows us to receive information and clarity and a sense of life.


It is in the position of the third eye, in the center of the forehead, identifying itself with other higher levels of consciousness and with the vision that transcends matter. Intuition, visualization, imagination, clairvoyance, telepathy are its peculiarities. Physically, his energy connects with vision, head, influence memory and concentration ability. Its characteristic is intuition, the ability to communicate with one's own spirit and universal wisdom.


It is the energetic center of creativity and creation, it is located in the throat area, it activates with writing, singing, clarity of expression and knowing how to listen. It is associated with the sound and power of the word, it helps us to find and express the inner voice, it opens the way to universal consciousness.


It is the spiritual center, the seat of the soul, located in the heart of the heart. It represents eqiulibrio, union, love, healing. Emotions turn into feelings, love and spirituality are the essence of existence. It is the point of connection between the physical world and the spiritual dimension. It governs respiratory health, regenerates us and gives us the strength of love, compassion, integration with everything that manifests itself in the world as divine energy, harmony, forgiveness, friendship, love towards others and towards ourselves.


It is in the solar plexus, it relate to personal power, self-confidence, will and happiness, relationships and linkage with each other, anger. It symbolizes the inner fire and the transformation ability, I assimilate something different from me, and with will and understanding it transforms it into me. It manages the digestive system and when it is in perfect balance it helps us to make the right decisions.


It indicates the sweetness of life, lies under the umbilicus and is associated with qualities such as pleasure and sensitivity, movement, sexuality, and procreation. Its element is water, which allows the flow of circumstances and adaptation to change, is related to the past, problems to emotional difficulties and blocks. When it is in perfect balance of expansion and receptivity, it connects with others and opens us to the experiences of life.


It is at the base of the spine, it is our root, it represents the physical desire to be is the energy that gives us the ability to find our balance and emotional and material safety. Indeed, it relates to belonging to the material plan, to the primary needs of survival, the physical desire to be, selfishness It identifies with survival and security, primary instincts and the sense of belonging to the family and our pedigree tree.