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Who is Susyo?

When we choose a gift for ourselves and for others we want it to be special, unique and that it can convey something that lasts long and that it is important. Susyo was born to satisfy all this and adds something new. Inspired by Mandala and Chakra, Susyo creates special items such as necklaces, bracelets, pendants and more, all hand-made in Italy; From design to baking china with Limoges dough to decoration to "third fire" tohand-painted finishing with gold and platinum, every single passage takes place in craftsmanship making each creation unique and unrepeatable.

Each bijoux is a masterpiece

Say hello to Chakra Bijoux

The term Chakra in Sanskrit means center, wheel, vortex, are energy centers present in every person and are receptors and transformers of universal energy. Living beings, more or less knowingly, acquire or disperse energy through these centers. The main chakras are seven and are positioned along the spine, at the main glands of the endocrine system. The good functioning of the energy system is equivalent to a state of good health and consequently their harmonic connection creates a perfect balance and an optimal communication between the physical body and the energetic body. Each Chakra is associated with a color corresponding to and is derived from the frequency and vibration of the Chakra itself. Color is in fact an electromagnetic wave and produces a modification on the energetic body where emotions are found, represented by other electromagnetic frequencies. Each Chakra corresponds to a natural element.

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